E-Learning ACT E-CPD Behavioural Insights (4 point)

Traditional economics assumes that consumers make rational decisions but of course this is not so. BI reflects that, in reality, when making day-to-day decisions, consumers rarely behave in a well informed and fully rational way. 

E-Learning ACT E-CPD Legislation Recharge (8 point)

The modern world of real estate is constantly changing. It is critical that licensed agents and registered salespersons stay up-to-date not only with the relevant legislation and regulations in the ACT but also work health and safety, consumer  and privacy legislation. 

E-Learning ACT E-CPD NEXT (8 point)

Maintaining success in any profession is based on continuing to learn, improve and then stepping up to the next level. In the highly competitive field of real estate, this is critical to achieving sustainable success. Wisdom’s e-CPD online program presents new ideas, tips and strategies to take your performance to the NEXT level. Hear from a variety of speakers sharing their secrets to success; examine the Paths to Peak Performance model and gain new insights from Wisdom consultants and experts from a range of performance success fields.

E-Learning ACT E-CPD Unlock new ideas (4 point)

‚ÄčInnovation is vital to business growth, particularly as the speed of business cycles increase. Most real estate professionals have a clear understanding about the importance of innovation in their roles, but either fail to make time, or fall short when it comes to execution. Learn how to be innovate into your real estate career and help your organisation ‘scale up’, join us for this interactive and engaging online eCPD module.

E-Learning ACT E-CPD Workplace Wellness (8 point)

Wisdom’s e-CPD online program will dive into each element of wellness to ensure they are sustained across the board, helping to guarantee successful performance in both your professional and personal life. The World Health Organisation describes wellness as an active process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. This is achieved through having a state of complete emotional, physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

E-Learning ACT E-CPD Write and Be heard (4 point)

Writing is an essential skill in real estate. More and more of our communication is text based. Every day we send emails and text messages to both clients and colleagues and post listings to the internet. Our writing skills are key to ensuring that people receive our message.

E-Learning Creating Customers for Life

Success leaves clues…  Learn what the best customer service companies do from Australia and around the world!

What are the five steps all Apple employees use when interacting with customers? How did Zappos grow from a startup to a $1.2 billion company through the "power of service"?

We all know customer service is key to business success. Some of the most successful companies in the world pride themselves on their customer service culture.

E-Learning Essentials of Project Management

Are you new to the world of project management and want to know some of the basics to get you started?

This self paced e-learning program will introduce you to common project management terms and provide you with an overview of the project management lifecycle, including the basic steps involved in developing a project management plan.

E-Learning Time Management

Time Management skills to help you work efficiently and effectively

Time management is about managing the time that you have to produce effective and efficient work practices. Productivity is never an accident; it comes from effective planning of the minutes and hours in your day and is a result of a commitment to intelligent use of time and focused effort. This course is ideal for those wishing to expand their skills in personal effectiveness and time management.

NSW Assistant Agent CPD

As of March 2020 individuals who are an Assistant Agent (Real Estate) must complete 3 units of competency, as a minimum, from the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice(CPP41419) for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year between the period of 23 March 2020 to 22 March 2021 and they must complete this qualification within four years.