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ACT CPD Behavioural Insights (4 point)

Traditional economics assumes that consumers make rational decisions but of course this is not so. BI reflects that, in reality, when making day-to-day decisions, consumers rarely behave in a well informed and fully rational way. BI provides insights and strategies to positively influence peoples’ decision-making, including choices of suppliers and purchasing. Learn how to apply behavioral insights in the Real Estate sector to build and strengthen your customer relationships in this half day workshop. 


About your trainer
Natasha’s core drivers are around personal and professional development, and she’s a natural teacher, supporter and communicator. Her experience centres around the growth and development of people, organisations and effective communication with all parties involved. Her ability to explain complex concepts in an engaging way across multiple industries and topics is one of her key attributes. With over 25 years experience in corporate, small business and the public sector she offers a diverse skill set and knowledge base. Natasha built a global client base with her coaching and mentoring business, and has been running workshops, speaking at conferences and creating training across multiple industries including Financial Services, web design and development, small and emerging business and behavioural economics. 
CPD points
By completing this module, real estate participants will achieve 4 of the required 12 points of professional development to meet the conditions for the renewal of a licence or certificate of registration. This workshop fulfils the learning requirements under the Commissioner of Fair Trading’s – Agents (Continuing Professional Development) Guideline 2008 (category 2).

Digital Delivery 
This digitally delivered program uses a range of engaging educational tools and techniques to enrich your Wisdom learning experience. The program is led by a real facilitator in real time and uses virtual breakout rooms, group  discussions, supporting digital resources and interactive tools such as whiteboards, quizzing and polling features to ensue collaborative learning.



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