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Workplace Writing – The Ins and Outs of Doing it Better

Workplace Writing – The Ins and Outs of Doing it Better is all about improving the quality of your writing and ensuring it achieves its purpose. The workshop explores ways you can target your audience, achieve a good tone in your writing and make sure it is easily understood. It also gives you tips and insights for writing effective emails and short documents.


Most people write every day in the workplace – even if it’s mainly emails. It’s one of our most important communication tools and directly affects our job performance. But is our writing always hitting the mark? How much deliberate time are we putting into improving it?

This workshop is designed for anyone in the public or private sectors who wants to improve their writing skills and be more successful in getting their messages across. 

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Glynis Quinlan is a highly experienced journalist, trainer and communicator who has made her living primarily out of her writing skills for the past three decades. In recent years, Glynis has taken hundreds of successful writing courses in locations around Australia. She has also taught advanced diplomas in journalism and public relations and had a three-year stint teaching military communications. Glynis has wide experience in both the private and public sectors, including five years as a ministerial media advisor. She draws on that experience as well as her passion for the written word as she engages participants in a journey to significantly increase the quality of their writing. 



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