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Edit and Enhance Writing in the Public Sector

Often as people are promoted in the public service they find they have greater responsibility for editing other people’s writing and ensuring it hits the mark. This is a vitally important role which allows you to add value to the writing and make sure it achieves its strategic purpose. However, that only works if you know what you are doing – and that’s much harder than it sounds! 


This course is all about equipping you with the skills, tools and techniques to effectively revise and edit other people’s writing. It works on two levels. The first part of the course looks at reviewing and editing writing content. This includes cutting out fluff, making sure the writing represents clear thinking, reviewing the strength of arguments, and checking that the document has enough evidence to support its proposals. The second part of the course burrows down into the mechanics of writing and how it can be effectively revised/improved. Are the sentences too long? Are there any grammatical or punctuation errors? Is the document written in Plain English and the active voice? We also use readability statistics and effective proofreading techniques to help you ensure the writing meets high standards. This workshop is designed for managers/supervisors who edit or revise other people’s work in the public sector. It also suits those looking to move into this kind of role. 

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Glynis Quinlan is a highly experienced journalist, trainer and communicator who has made her living primarily out of her writing skills for the past three decades. In recent years, Glynis has taken hundreds of successful writing courses in locations around Australia. She has also taught advanced diplomas in journalism and public relations and had a three-year stint teaching military communications. Glynis has wide experience in both the private and public sectors, including five years as a ministerial media advisor. She draws on that experience as well as her passion for the written word as she engages participants in a journey to significantly increase the quality of their writing. 



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