Wisdom has facilitated many successful team building workshops for a variety of organisations in both the public and private sectors since 1996. Wisdom team building sessions are fun and interactive, including numerous activities which are based on grounded theory ‘translated’ by our expert facilitators.

We work in close partnership with our clients, including consultation prior to the session to ensure that the desired outcomes are defined and agreed.

Team building means different things for different people. Depending on the group dynamics and the desired outcomes, a Wisdom team building session could include any of the following:

  • Use of relevant psychometric tools (see below)
  • Highly interactive indoor activities – problem solving, team based fun activities
  • Inclusive, non-threatening outdoor activities.

Wisdom team building workshops are conducted with a focus on experiential activities, where participants have fun together as a team and learn and apply key team and leadership group principles.

Content can be delivered around the characteristics of effective teams and leadership groups, with opportunity for team members to reflect on how to apply key learning to their team.

A typical team building session could deliver the following outcomes:

  • Explore the characteristics of high performing teams and how these principles can be applied in the team context
  • Enhance team camaraderie through increased knowledge and ‘getting to know’ team members
  • Improve team cohesion through enhanced understanding and respect of individual differences
  • Develop the team as a leadership group and develop strategies to ensure the team operates with a positive team culture.

Psychometric tools

Understanding ourselves and others in the workplace helps us to work collaboratively and enhances team achievements and success.

There are several models available to gain insights into our preference, and Wisdom is accredited to use a selection of psychometric tools which can form a valuable part of the success of your team building session:

  • GENOS Emotional Intelligence
  • MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • TMS – Team Management Systems
  • HBDI – Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
  • GEMA MET Personal Assessment.

Please find an overview of our psychometric tools here