As a leading provider of flexible learning solutions, we have a range of options to support organisations in providing access to quality learning during this disrupted period in our workplaces. Our programs will not only provide focused and productive activities for participants, but also develop enhanced capability during a time when workforces may be struggling to focus and deliver outputs and outcomes. Please click here to view our distance and digital delivery options.

Whether you are new to the public service and are wanting to advance your skills and knowledge in government or are a more senior employee looking to upskill your writing, we provide a range of tailored training solutions to meet your needs. These include everything from one-day workshops right through to nationally recognised qualifications delivered in a highly relevant and engaging way.

Training tailored to your needs

Wisdom offers flexible solutions to suit your government training needs. We can design, develop and deliver a fully tailored and customised program or workshop to your organisation, or adapt our standard government offering to meet your needs. The benefits of choosing Wisdom for your government training include:

  • Personalised service
  • Tailored training to meet your needs
  • Expert facilitators who have real world government experience
  • Innovative and engaging training that results in measurable outcomes
  • Practical training that develops knowledge and skills.

Government workshops and courses

PSP50116 Diploma of Government

The PSP50116 Diploma of Government is designed to help current and future managers who are seeking to advance their knowledge of contemporary public service, as well as leading practice management skills, innovation, personal productivity and people engagement skills. The program is suited to those who are committed to further developing their skills and gaining a nationally recognised qualification. The duration of this program is ten full day face-to-face workshops plus three additional digital workshops over a ten-month period.

PSP40416 Certificate IV in Government Investigations

The PSP40416 Certificate IV in Government Investigations is designed to build and develop the skills and knowledge required to plan, initiate, conduct and finalise an investigation in a government or regulatory compliance environment. The duration of this program is twelve full day face-to-face workshops plus three additional learning and assessment workshops over a fourteen-month period.

Decision Making Skills within the Public Sector Context

Making sound decisions that are consistent with legal and policy frameworks is an essential skill for all employees. This one-day workshop will help you deepen your decision-making skills through engaging and interactive discussions, case studies and scenarios. In this course you will learn to identify, interpret and apply legislation in making decisions, explore the consequences of poor decisions, and examine how decisions can be reviewed.

Edit and Enhance Writing in the Public Sector

This full day workshop looks at reviewing and editing writing content – including cutting out fluff, reviewing the strength of arguments and making sure the writing represents clear thinking. It also investigates the mechanics of writing and how such things as grammar and punctuation can be improved. This workshop is designed for managers and/or supervisors who edit or revise other people’s work in the public sector.

Effective Writing in Government

This full day Effective Writing for Government workshop will equip you with the strategies, skills and techniques needed to ensure your writing hits the mark. This workshop will demystify the writing process for you by helping you understand the thinking and planning which lies behind good writing and then honing your skills to achieve it. This workshop is designed primarily for APS5 and APS6 level public sector employees but is also open to those acting in these roles or looking to move into them.

Workplace Writing Fundamentals

This full day Workplace Writing Fundamentals workshop wades through the tricks and traps of grammar and punctuation to help you communicate in an accurate and professional way. The workshop takes a down-to-earth approach and works on increasing your skills so that you will see an immediate improvement in the quality of your writing.

Workplace Writing – The Ins and Outs of Doing it Better

The full day Workplace Writing – The Ins and Outs of Doing it Better workshop is all about enhancing the quality of your writing and ensuring it achieves its purpose. The workshop explores ways you can target your audience, achieve a good tone in your writing and make sure it is easily understood. It also gives you tips and insights for writing effective emails and short documents.

ABC of Activity Based Working (ABW)

Activity Based Working (ABW) environments are just one example of how modern organisations are re-thinking the way we work. When implemented effectively, ABW enables employees to choose flexible working spaces and encourages them to physically locate themselves where it is most suitable. This half day ABW workshop will allow you to gain insight into how to work in an ABW environment to effectively overcome changes to your working environment and remain empowered and engaged. By attending this workshop, you will be provided with the skills and knowledge about how to use ABW to enhance collaboration, productivity and efficiency.

Managing in an Activity Based Working (ABW) environment

With advances in IT, digitalisation and automation, the nature of work is changing. The challenge lies in the hands of today’s managers to maximise engagement and drive business results through these changes. Successful leaders and managers of the future will be those who are encouraging and supporting autonomy, and flexible working arrangements. Activity Based Working (ABW) environments are just one example of how modern organisations are re-thinking the way we work. The research shows that effective implementation of ABW needs to be supported by managers and managers need support and capability development.

ABW is more than just hot desking and working remotely, and it requires a seismic shift in mindsets, attitudes and approaches to work.

By attending this half day workshop, managers will gain insight into what is required to lead and manage in an ABW environment. Participants will also develop skills to adjust their approaches to lead and manage to realise the planned productivity benefits of moving to an ABW environment.

Decision Making Skills for Senior Managers

This full day workshop looks at how to enhance your decision-making skills within the public sector. It is aimed toward senior managers and explores the challenges of making fair and robust decisions in the modern public service environment and explore the balance between risk, innovation, speed and transparency in decision making.  The learning environment will provide you with opportunities to learn strategies for managing large sets of data and information more effectively through a range of expert-led interactive activities and discussions.

Dealing with change

This full day workshop looks at how to manage change in public sector work environments. It will help you understand the impact of change on individuals and the organisation, and you will learn techniques to build resilience and responsiveness to change though reflective exercises, sharing ideas, exploring case studies and through practice techniques.

These scheduled workshops and courses that may be of interest to you

Certificate IV in Government Investigations

Diploma of Government