Our team of experienced facilitators help organisations facilitate their strategic, business and operational planning and engage team members in the planning process.

Strategic and business planning

Wisdom’s approach to facilitating business planning is to establish a genuine partnership with management to refine and develop the outputs of the planning process. We then develop effective strategies to achieve those goals by ensuring planning sessions are:

  • Engaging
  • Inclusive
  • Enjoyable for participants
  • Conducted with a philosophy of facilitating practical client focused solutions.

Wisdom’s business planning sessions are designed to ensure that all participants will leave a workshop with:

  • A strong sense of engagement through being involved in the planning process
  • Ownership of the planning outcomes through being part of the development process
  • Relevant practical strategies for inclusion in the business plan
  • Clearly defined accountabilities and next actions
  • A feeling of achievement through participation in a relevant, practical planning process that achieved real outcomes.

Innovation and idea generation

Innovation is recognised as a key to success for modern organisations to respond to the rapidly changing environment. We facilitate innovation and idea generation workshops with organisations to develop strategies to:

  • Improve service and team performance
  • Respond to changes in the internal or external environment
  • Generate new business
  • Do more with less
  • Develop new products and services.


Meetings can be more effective and achieve real outcomes with a Wisdom facilitator. We provide focus, direction and manage the meeting process to ensure the achievement of agreed deliverables.

Focus groups

Our expert facilitators lead focus groups of customers, staff or other stakeholders to identify service, workplace or organisational issues. A range of alternative solutions to issues can also be developed during focus groups. Our facilitator will professionally guide the group towards achieving the agreed outcomes of the process.

Team building

Wisdom has facilitated many successful team building workshops for a variety of organisations in both the public and private sectors since 1996. Wisdom team building sessions are fun and interactive, including numerous activities which are based on grounded theory ‘translated’ by our expert facilitators.

We work in close partnership with our clients, including consultation prior to the session to ensure that the desired outcomes are defined and agreed.

Wisdom team building workshops provide an opportunity for staff within an organisation to participate in a session that creates a positive experience to enhance team cohesion across and within its teams. We conduct our team building workshops with a philosophy of facilitating practical ‘real world’ solutions for the team members and the main focus of the session(s) can be a series of experiential activities where participants have fun together as a team and learn and apply key team and leadership group principles.

A typical team building workshop could deliver the following outcomes:

  • Explore the characteristics of high performing teams and how these principles can be applied in the team context
  • Enhance team camaraderie through increased knowledge and ‘getting to know’ team members
  • Improve team cohesion through enhanced understanding and respect of individual differences
  • Develop the team as a leadership group
  • Develop strategies to ensure the team operates with a positive team culture.

For more information about the services we can offer relating to team building please also see Team development.