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Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)

Qualify to meet the registration requirements in the ACT to work as a real estate property manager

This qualification provides participants who are new to the real estate industry with the skills and underpinning knowledge to perform the multifaceted role of a property manager. The program is tailored to property services and industry requirements and the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate a direct workplace outcome in the ACT. 


  • Achieve a nationally recognised qualification 
  • Meet the requirements for registration in the ACT
  • Develop skills in property management
  • Provides a pathway to ACT Licensing or Diploma of Property Services (Real Estate)
  • Learn from highly experienced real estate facilitators who work closely with you to achieve your goals
  • Understand your rights and obligations under both legislation and common law
  • Develop extensive skills and knowledge to become successful and enable you to achieve sustainable results in your chosen role.

Upon successful completion of the program and all assessment requirements, participants will be issued with a nationally recognised qualification: CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate): Wisdom Learning Pty Ltd, RTO number 88062. The relevant training package for this qualification is: CPP07 Property services. The Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) qualification has been designed to suit the needs of persons aspiring to work in the real estate industry as a property manager. The Units of Competency for this program are:

  • CPPDSM4007A Identify legal and ethical requirements of property management to complete agency work (Core)
  • CPPDSM4008A  Identify legal and ethical requirements of property sales to complete agency work (Core)
  • CPPDSM4009 Interpret legislation to complete agency work in the property industry
  • CPPDSM4015B Minimise agency and consumer risk (Core)
  • CPPDSM4080A Work in the real estate industry (Core)
  • CPPDSM4002A Apply knowledge of state or territory legislative and regulatory framework to complete agency work
  • CPPDSM4011A List property for lease
  • CPPDSM4013A Market property for lease
  • CPPDSM4057 Monitor a safe workplace in the property industry
  • CPPDSM4003A Appraise property
  • CPPDSM4017A Negotiate effectively in property transactions
  • CPPDSM4018A Prepare and present property reports
  • CPPDSM3008A Maintain and protect condition of managed properties
  • CPPDSM4010A Lease property
  • CPPDSM4016A Monitor and manage lease or tenancy agreement
  • CPPDSM4046A Manage tenancy disputes
  • CPPDSM4049 Implement maintenance program for managed properties
  • CPPDSM4006A Establish and manage agency trust accounts
  • BSBRKG304 Maintain business records
  • BSBSMB404 Undertake small business planning 
  • BSBCUS402 Address customer needs
  • CPPDSM4056A Manage conflict and disputes in the property industry
  • CPPDSM4005A Establish and build client-agency relationships
  • CPPDSM5020A Manage and Monitor effective client service in property industry.

Funded Training Opportunities
‘User choice’ Apprenticeships/Traineeships

Employees in ACT real estate businesses may be eligible to complete this qualification under an apprenticeship/traineeship: ‘User choice’. Eligible participants will be subsidised for the cost of the program. A mandatory tuition fee of $550 is payable by the employee or employer ‘ACT User Choice – funding for the delivery of Australian Apprenticeship training.’
Employers of eligible participants may be entitled to $4,000 in Government incentives.

Skilled Capital
Eligible participants may be able to undertake this program under the Skilled Capital Program. Eligible participants will be subsidised for the cost of the program. The student is required to contribute $695 to the cost of their training. ‘Skilled Capital  is an ACT Government training initiative, funded by the ACT and the Australian Governments.’ 
Wisdom does not provide training under the VET-Fee Help scheme.
Contact the Wisdom team for more information on eligibility and traineeship opportunities for User Choice or Skilled Capital on 02 6257 8588 or email,

Fees paid in advance
If you are an individual enrolling in this training program please ensure you select the ‘Tentative Enrolment’ option. As an individual fee paying participant Wisdom requires an initial payment of $1500 to be paid in advance of your training program. Please proceed to complete the enrolment process and a Wisdom team member will contact you to arrange payment of the $1,500 deposit and confirm your enrolment.


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