Association partnerships

Wisdom is a trusted learning partner for industry associations nationally. We provide value for associations and their members through delivering an exceptional, high quality training solution. Our solution requires no financial investment from the association and can, if desired, provide a new revenue stream to support the Association to continue to deliver value to all members.

Wisdom is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) (registration number 88062) and we can offer associations with training solutions that provide its members with:

  • Access to relevant formal and informal learning solutions to support the advancement of members’ careers, businesses and other professional development goals
  • Access to existing and proven training infrastructure and methodologies to ensure consistent service excellence
  • A quality and flexible learning experience through digital workshops, distance, e-learning or face-to-face programs, enabling your members to fit learning into their lifestyle
  • Learning solutions by professionals, for professionals and we are as committed to our profession as your members are to theirs. We understand the desirability of continued learning to stay at the forefront of professional practise, and the demands of balancing learning with the cut and thrust of doing business in a competitive environment. Our learning solutions are designed with the busy professional in mind. The content is relevant, contemporary and leading edge. It will enhances an association’s reputation and value proposition, even as its providing your members with real-world, tangible benefits.

We can provide learning programs in a broad range of areas including (but not limited to):

  • Business management
  • Communication and engagement
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Negotiations and conflict management
  • Resilience and team building
  • Emotional intelligence

Wisdom can also offer nationally recognised training in the areas of business, management, government, project management and training and assessment. We can also collaborate with associations to design and develop technical skills training relevant to its members.

We have had success in assisting associations who are experiencing:

  • Declining membership
  • Difficulty in attracting new memberships
  • Stagnating membership value proposition
  • Difficulties in providing consistent, sustainable services that members’ value
  • Barriers to delivering quality, contemporary and relevant learning and development to members
  • Reluctance to commit to providing learning and development because of past, negative experiences where training was costly, irrelevant and potentially damaging to the association’s reputation
  • Barriers to delivering learning solutions to a national membership base, including regional and remote locations
  • Misalignment between members’ perceptions and the true value offered by the association.

And we have achieved this success through:


  • Providing additional value to association members
  • Maintaining and growing the membership base
  • Supporting association members to advance their careers, develop professionally, or grow their business
  • Providing valuable support to leading edge, contemporary, modern workplaces experiencing disruption
  • Delivering best practice learning and development
  • Providing members with easy access to high quality learning solutions, with proven results
  • Offering access to accredited and non-accredited training to members, wherever they are located.