Accordion Test

2021 - TCCS Operational Frontline Management Program – 2021TCCSOFLM

8 point ACT CPD 2021 – ACTCPD

Access Canberra Activity Based Working (ABW) – ACCCBRABW

Access Canberra Cert IV Government Investigations – ACCERTIVGI

Access Canberra Diploma of Government – ACCESSCDIPG

Access Canberra Future Trainers Coaching – ACCESSC

Access Canberra Return to Work – ACRTW

Access Canberra Return to Work - Managers Workshop – RTWMAN

ACIC Certificate IV in Government – ACICCIVG

ACIC Digital Module - Personal Effectiveness – ACICPEFF

ACIC Digital Module - Working in the Public Sector – ACICAPS

ACIC Diploma of Government – ACICDipGov

ACIC Diploma of Leadership and Management – ACICDipLM

ACT CPD (4 points) Chaos to Calm – CHAOS

ACT CPD (8 points) Growing through adversity – ADVERSITY

ACT CPD (8 points) Trust Accounts – TRUST

ACT CPD 2021 (8 point) – ACTCPDPM

ACT CPD Behavioural Insights (4 point) – ACTCPDBI

ACT CPD From good to great (8 point) – G2G8

ACT CPD Personal Branding (4 point) – BRAND4

ACT CPD Preparing for Legislation (8 point) – PLEG

ACT CPD Supercharge your Personal Effectiveness (4 point) – ACTCPDSPE21

ACT CPD Trust Account Review (4 point) – TRUST4P

ACT CPD Video marketing for the real estate professional (8 point) – VIDEO8

ACT CPD Writing Right in Real Estate (4 point) – WS

ACT Government Graduate Program – ACTGovGP

ACT Licensing – ACTLIC

ACT Real Estate Registration – ACTREG

Attorney General's Diploma of Government – AGDIPG

Australian Border Force Readiness to Lead 2021 – ABFR2L21

Benmax Leadership Development Program – BenmaxLead

BSB50215 - Diploma of Business – DIPBUS

Cert III Customer Engagement - Southern Innovations – SICERTIIICE

Cert IV in Property Services (Sales & Property Management) – CERTIVPSSPM

Cert IV in Small Business Management – CERTIVSB

Certificate IV in Government Investigations – CIVGOVINV

Certificate IV in Property Services – Cert IV - PS

Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice – CPP41419

Civium E-Induction Program – CivEInd

Client Specific - ACT CPD From good to great (8 point) – G2G8_Client

Client Specific ACT Real Estate Registration – ClSpRego

Community Services Directorate - Supervisor Development Program – CSD

Community Services Directorate - Supervisor Development Program 2.0 – CSDSDP2

CPP07 - Property Services Training Package – CPP07

Dealing with Change – DWC

Decision Making for Senior Managers – DMSM

Decision Making within the Public Sector Context – DCPS

Defence Change Management – DEFCHANGEMGT

Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Graduate Program 2021 – DeptAgEnviro21

Diploma of Government – DIPGOV

Diploma of Government Investigations – DIPGI

Diploma of Leadership and Management - BSB50420 – DIPLM50420

Diploma of Leadership and Management - Southern Innovations – DIPLMSI

Diploma of Project Management – DIPPM

Diploma of Training Design and Development – DTD&D

DSSDipGov – DSSDipGov

Edit and Enhance Writing in the Public Sector – EEWPS

Effective Writing for Government – EWG

E-Learning ACT E-CPD Behavioural Insights (4 point) – ECPDBI

E-Learning ACT E-CPD Legislation Recharge (8 point) – ECPDLEG8

E-Learning ACT E-CPD NEXT (8 point) – ECPDN

E-Learning ACT E-CPD Unlock new ideas (4 point) – IDEAS4

E-Learning ACT E-CPD Workplace Wellness (8 point) – WELL8

E-Learning ACT E-CPD Write and Be heard (4 point) – WRITE4

E-Learning Creating Customers for Life – ELCCL

E-Learning Essentials of Project Management – ELEPM

E-Learning NSW E-CPD Be your best using mindfulness in the workplace – NSWECPDBYB

E-Learning NSW E-CPD Collaboration not conflict – NSWECPDCNC

E-Learning Time Management – ELTM

Facilitation – FAC

Focus ACT Leadership – FOCUSLEAD

Food Safety Supervisor – Food Safety

Free South Coast Real Estate Workshop – FreeSouthCoast

General Rego Link Client Specific – GREGCS

Home Affairs Diploma of Government – HADIPGOV

InvestigativeMindset – InvMind

Leadership and Management – L&M

NSW Assistant Agent CPD – NSWCPDASS


NSW CPD Building confidence in the workplace – CONFIDENCE

NSW CPD Legislation Review (12 point) – NSW12


Questacon Leadershift Program – QuestLead

Services Australia - Investigation Skills – SAIS

Services Australia - Working in the Public Sector – SAWPS

Services Australia Digital Modules – SADIG

Small Business Smarts Release 27.9.18 – SBSR2

TCCS Operational Frontline Management Program – TCCSFRONT

Vantage Team Development Program – VantageTeam

Workplace Writing – The Ins and Outs of Doing it Better – WWIO

Workplace Writing Fundamentals – WWF

ACT CPD for Sales Persons – PROJCPD

ACT Registration Course Bolton & Co – ACT REGO

ACT Registration Course – ACT REGO

Business Services Training Package – BSB

Certificate III in Business – BSB30115

Certificate III in BusinessClient Specific – BSB30115

Certificate III in Customer EngagementSouthern Innovations – BSB30215

Certificate III in HospitalityFood Safety Supervisor – SIT30616