We love ideas and want to work with you to make them happen. Wisdom can tailor solutions to meet your business or organisation's needs.


We are a fun team of professionals who have one common vision:

To help people and organisation reach their full potential.

We do this through consistently offering highest quality learning, facilitation and consulting solutions which is supported by a client service that is renowned as the best.

We are always interested to talk to people who share our values:

Professionalism in everything we do, setting and maintaining high standards of service.
Innovation in developing creative solutions to meet our clients’ goals.
Honesty in providing advice and in all our services.
Respect for all people.
Humility in understanding our role with our clients and guiding us to continually learn and improve.

If you are interested in learning more about Wisdom and recruitment opportunities please contact Rod Hattch at or call on 02 6257 8588.